Most Popular 50 Different Hairstyles for Girls

By | September 27, 2013

We have different types of hairstyles and different sizes of hairs also. We have occasional hairstyles and serial hairstyles also.  Most of the woman has only medium or short length hairs only, but few women have long hairs.

Really they are lucky because nowadays all the people having troubles with their hair. Who have long hair those don’t have any problem with their hair. Who have long hair they can fallow easily the trends of hairstyles than remaining people who have medium and short size hair.

The long hairstyles always stand at first row in the fashion world and these are always super trendy. Here we have so many different types of hairstyles. From those you can pick your favorite and suitable hair cut. Some of the people fallows their local hairstyles only and some of people fallows fashion hairstyles some of fallows traditional hairstyles. We have all the types of hair styles for women.

Here is a best 50 best hairstyles for girls..

1 . Long Hairstyles for Curly Hair:

Long Hairstyles for Curly Hair2

The long and curly hairstyle attracts the others. Who have curly hair you can say those people are bold and brave persons. This is suitable for face with round shape. This is homemade hairstyle. This is followed by most of the people. The long hair maximum gives you the chance to test with a lot of hairstyles because of its length. So curling hairstyle adds a lot of texture and create you look very beautiful.

2. Long Curly Pony Hairstyles:

Long Curly Pony Hairstyles

The pony curly hairstyle is very beautiful to look and you can make it at the evening. To make this you have to straighten the hair at the top of the head. Snatch all the curly hair like a pony and tie up the hair with bobby pins until end of the straiten hair.

3. Short Cropped Hairstyles:

Short Cropped Hairstyles

One who don’t want long hair those people fallow the simple and easiest way is cut the hair around the neck and keep some long hair then straighten the hair. This hair style is very impressive and suitable for all functions and parties. But one thing you have to follow that is remember your face cut. This is the most recent fashion also.

4. Side Swept Hairstyles:

Side Swept Hairstyles

One who have long hair with curly style they can make their hair like side swept hairstyle easily to get most glamorous hairstyle. To get and define curls and sweep one side of the hair apply the some quantity of amount of mousse on your hair.

5. Curls with Fringe Hairstyles:

Curls with Fringe Hairstyles

To maintain fringe hairstyle you have to straighten the total hair. And keep the edges of the hair iron. This hairstyle is very fashionable and impressive. It is very suitable for round shape face. Looks like a headband on your hand.

6. Curled Bun Hairstyles:

Curled Bun Hairstyles

By using mousse you can get and define curls on your hair with shape of bun. This hairstyle looks like crown. To get exact curled bun hairstyle straighten the hair on the top of the head. And grab all the curled section hair by using elastic band. This is suitable for v shape face. You can prefer this on evening parties.

7. Half up-Half down Hairstyles:

Half up-Half down Hairstyles1

Get the top layer of the hair and grab all the hair from the both sides of the ears with bobby pins to secure the hair. Leave the remaining hair loosely. This is simple and taking less time and one of the fashionable hairstyle.

8. Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Curly Hair:

Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Curly Hair

It is a half up and half down hairstyle with curly hair. Just grab all the curly hair of the top layer of hair and tied with bobbed pins.  You can define curls on top of the head. And you can design the hair with small clips. This is simply attractive and suitable for all the types of the faces.

9. Long Hairstyles for Plaits Hair:

Long Hairstyles for Plaits Hair

The long and plait hairstyle is very popular on fashion weeks. It has been spread across the runways and red carpet. This hairstyle is followed by celebrities and popular models.

10. Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long braided hairstyle is very popular and famous. This is suitable and gives look awesome for any occasions like parties marriage functions. Here is one of the braid hairstyle images

11. Pony Tail Hairstyles For Long Hair:   

Pony Tail Hairstyles For Long Hair

Maximum people likes pony tail hairstyle because it is very simple to make it and it is popular in summer season most of the people likes this in summer.  We have different types of pony hair styles for long hair. This hair style is very sexy especially for long and wavy hair girls. Simply you can use this hairstyle at the time of feed to the kids and at the time of go to bed. You can go to gym and restaurant at evening with this pony tail hairstyle.

12. Two Pony Tail Hairstyles:

Two Pony Tail Hairstyles

One of the most preferable and old hairstyle is two pony hairstyle. This is very simple and taking less time. It is easy to follow just separate the total hair in two parts and grab the each part with elastic band .this is suitable for kids.

13. High Pony Tail Hairstyles:

High Pony Tail Hairstyles

This hairstyle is maximum used by school girls. Because its take low time. It is easy to makeup. It is just like pony tail hairstyle with small difference. In this you have one advantage that is no hair fall on your back.

14. Fishtail Braid Hairstyles:

Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

This is very attractive hairstyle. To make this just do pony hair style by secured with bobby pins. And braid your hair with fish tail braid and leave three inches of hair at the end and tie with colorful elastic band. This is suitable for long hair women.

15. Low Ponytail Hairstyles:

Low Ponytail Hairstyles

This is suitable for one who has curly or wavy hairstyle. You should tie the low pony tail around the nape of neck with bobby pins. Here is chance to add another elastic bands for impressive look.

16. Ponytail with Braids Hairstyles:

Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

This hair style wonderful trend creating in the marriage functions. How to make it? Just follow the below method. Separate the total hair in to two parts. Leave the front section and tie the remaining part should like high pony tail. Then take first part start braid until to the end. And tie   braid at root of the pony tail with bobby pins.

17. Multi Braid Ponytail Hairstyles:

Multi Braid Ponytail Hairstyles

This type of pony hairstyle is very ideal for all girls one who have thick and long hair. To make this you have to divide the hair into two equal parts then again divide nine equal parts. From these build three individual braids and then these make one braid with these three braids. Apply the same process on the other side.

18. Bubble Ponytail Hairstyles:

Bubble Ponytail Hairstyles

Most of the celebrities followed the bubbled pony hairstyle on different international platforms.   This hair style is opting for one who has long hair. You should tie the low pony tail like bubbles for a gap of three inches continuously with elastic bands.

19. Funky Hairstyles For Long Hair:

Funky Hairstyles For Long Hair

By using strong gels or fixing sprays to get rocking hairstyles. You can design funky hairstyle by using bangs. To get funky look apply the strong gel on your forehead and wet spray to make funky look. This hairstyle is very hot.

20. Emo Hairstyle For Long Hair:

Emo Hairstyle For Long Hair

In 80’s Emo is a rock music style. The artists who played the music follow the different type of   hairstyle because they want different look than normal people. This style is totally different than all hairstyles.  In this is we have different colors also. This hairstyle created trend in below 2000.

21. Punk Hair Style with Long  Hair:

Funky Hairstyles For Long

Everyone wants to maintain unique and rocking hairstyle. The punk hairstyle is the best choice for who wants different and unique hairstyles. The demand is also there for colors of hairstyles. It is the choice of the persons.

22. Standard Braided Hairstyles:

Standard Braided Hairstyles

Most of the females followed the standard braid hairstyles. Maximum of the females know the how to design the braid hairstyle. It is very easy also. Divide the total hair into three equal parts. Cross the right part over the middle part and then left part over it. Do this process until complete the braid.

23. French braided Hairstyles:<

French Braid Hairstyle

The French braid hairstyle gives excellent look for females. To make French braid at first braid in to plaits the top layer of hair. Do this process until end of the hair. This hairstyle is famous in movies also. This hairstyle is suitable for one who has round and oval face. It was famous in international platforms also.

24. Crown braided Hairstyles:

Crown Braid Hairstyles

The crown braid is similar like a Swiss Braid. This hairstyle is taking too much of time to design because it has so many small sections of hair in that. It is so cute and better for who has curly hair. If you have crown braid then your head will be neat and well maintained.  it is suitable for round shape faces . you can add some superfluities  to make good look.

25. Loose wavy Hairstyles:

Loose Wavy Hairstyles

We have some of the hairstyles are suitable for all face cuts in those the loose waves is one of them. Almost of the young girls are like this hairstyle. It gives some lively look and energy for your overall look. You can design it for all kind of parties.

26. Messy Side Bun Hairstyles:


You can search for hot and awesome hair style then you find the result is messy side bun. This hairstyle is most preferable by young girls. Put all your hair to one side and separate the hair from reversely then arrange loose messy side bun to equal to the ear. You can fix this hairstyle by either loose braid or curling the hair.

27. Double Braided Sparkly Hairstyles:

Double Braided Sparkly Hairstyles

The double braid sparkly headband hairstyle is different than other hairstyles. It is very easy to wear and take less time. You can find the suitable headbands are available with reasonable costs at all places. This type of hair style has two braids. These braids are either side of the head and tie up with bobbed pins at below the ear. This hair style is idle for all ages of girls.

28. Medium Length Layered Hairstyles:

Medium Length Layered Hairstyles

We have easily carrying hairstyles and gives great look for all kind of hair, medium layered hairstyle is one of them. This hairstyle is suitable for straight or wavy with curls. Most of the celebrities have been using this hairstyle particularly in great occasions.

29. Front Hanging Bangs Hairstyles:

Front Hanging Bangs Hairstyles

One who has baggy hairstyle those can try to get frozen outward layers and front hanging bangs. It is very easy to maintain. The parlor that is a place you can get front bangs and layers.    Remaining style frozen halfway is possible at home with repeated testing out ward combing. This is suitable for oval faces.

30. Classy Feathered Bangs Hairstyles:

Classy Feathered Bangs Hairstyles

This hairstyle is another type of hairstyle for the shoulder length layered hairstyle. The classy feathered bangs are very interesting and attractive part of this hairstyle. It is very easy to decorate and gives classy and exclusive look. It is suitable for long and oval type shape faces.

31. Bob Hairstyles With Sharp Edges:

Bob Hairstyles with sharp edges

It is totally different than other type of hairstyles. It gives different look. The bob hairstyle is follows fashionable trend. So many young girls are also follows this hairstyle. It is one of the rocking hairstyle. The bob hairstyle suitable for all oval shape faces. The sharp edges are gives sexy and special look.

32. Rope Braid Hairstyles:

Rope Braid Hairstyles

One who has curly hair or straight hair those are suitable to maintain this hairstyle with great look. It is apt for broad shape faces. By taking two stands and then twisted them like a braid shape. After wearing this hairstyle if you don’t want to keep the hairstyle then you can remove the twisted braid to get straight hair. The side braid you can get very stunningly by following a small technique.

33. Simple and Straight Hairstyles:

Simple and Straight Hairstyles

Whenever you wear heavy dress then you have to maintain simple and easy hairstyle for hot look. For simple hairstyle just follow the straight hair hairstyle. You have curly hair straighten the hair with a ceramic flat iron. When you feel this straighten hairstyle bored you can change hairstyle by twisting the one part of the hair to opposite side and secure that with bobby gives a fantastic look.

34. Braided Messy Bun Hairstyles:

Braided Messy Bun Hairstyles

The braided messy bun hairstyle is combination of two hair styles those are braid hairstyle and bun hairstyle. Divide your hair into two parts then make thin braid with one part then make bun with second part.  Just put the braids into bun without moving tie up with bobby pins. This is gives a super combination look. This hairstyle is suitable for round shape face.

35.Top Twisted Messy Buns Hairstyles:

Twisted Messy Buns Hairstyles

For the best and glorious messy look first back combing your hair and exchange at the crown. While you are combing the hair don’t use any serum for dry look. Then twist some parts of the hair and put them into bun. Keep two thin parts of bangs on both sides of your face to complete impressive look.

36. Shoulder Length Chopped Hairstyles:

Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyles

For medium and short length hairs the shoulder length bob hairstyle is suitable. One who doesn’t want to experiment with their short hair those can simply follow the shoulder length bob hairstyle. You can add side swept bands for your hairstyles. This hair style gives young look.

37. Poofy waves Hairstyles:

Poofy waves Hairstyles

One of the excellent hairstyles is poofy wave’s hairstyles. It gives smart and graceful look. This hairstyle takes less time for makeup. If you want to wear this hairstyle you should have medium length hair or long length hair otherwise it would like stubby. For natural poof you should take a middle part of the hair near to forehead and back combing the hair straightly then clip it for little hair from side and again few hair parts keep on your face.

38. Natural Wavy Hairstyles:
Natural Wavy Hairstyles

By using round brush you can get drying your hair separate the hair through center of the head and keep ironing around the curling iron for a few minutes. While doing the ironing the curls spray the serum throughout the hair for smoothness. It takes less time and gives beautiful look for all girls and suitable for oval and round shape faces.

39. Straight wavy Hairstyles:

Straight wavy Hairstyles

This straight waves hairstyle is very simple to follow and easy also. One who want to maintain this hairstyle they should straightening their hairstyle. The straight super smooth hair is suitable for the straight waves. We have different hairstyles in waves. This hairstyle is suitable for long shape hairstyle. It gives gorgeous look.

40. Short Shag Hairstyle for Round Face:


We have so many different hairstyles for round shape faces.  The short shag hairstyle is one of them.  It adds a lot of glamour and beauty for your face. It is suitable for thin and thick hair. You can easily style with less time and without much effort. It helps to cover the width of face if you follow with long bangs and lots of surface.

41. Pixie Hairstyle for Heart Shaped Faces:


Heart shape face has a lengthy fore head to cover this add fringes to your hairstyle. You can add fringes at front or side sweep them to craft forehead like narrower. This pixie hairstyle is finest for who has small face, high cheek bones and striking eyes. The goal of heart shaped face is add height to extend the face.

42.Pixie Hairstyle for Round Face:


To maintain this modified pixie hairstyle you should keep top layers of your hair longer. There is one problem with short hairstyles to round shape faces is most of the short haircuts are end at the chin area of the face this highlight the roundness of the bottom of the face. In this hairstyle the long layered hair run across the forehead and cropped at sides. The several layers those are an integral portion of this hairstyle draw prominence on the cool eyes and check bones that make look slim and youngness to face.

43. Long Layered Hairstyles:

Long Layered Hairstyles

The longer layered hair gives oval shape to your face and help to decrease its width. If you want to get layering for your hair then you should take care about your hair must be long that means more than chin area. Because this length can be depict attention to the roundness of the face. This hairstyle is also suitable for any shape of faces.

44. Short Choppy Bob Hairstyles:

Short Choppy Bob Hairstyles

In the present fashion world maximum girls follow the short choppy and bob hairstyles. The combination of these two hairstyles is also got the crazy. The shirt choppy and short bob hairstyle creates trend in the fashion world. It is an unexpected competitor to remaining all the fashion hairstyles. It is best for oval shape faces.

45. Summer CHIC BACK BUN Hairstyles:

Summer CHIC BACK BUN Hairstyles

This hairstyle is suitable for all type of faces. Most of the girls face the problems in summer they also hate their hairstyles. But we have a solution for this problem is chic back bun hairstyles. You can easily dress up this hairstyle with less effort and low time. Whenever you don’t have time to append for hair then you can simply go for this chic back bun. And when you don’t have time for wash the hair and you feel your hair is oily then also you can go for this hairstyle. You can prefer this hairstyle for sports, shopping and evening parties.

46. Medium Hairstyles for Wavy Hair:

Medium Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

The medium length wavy hair style got crazy in fashion world. This hairstyle is suitable for long faces. Who has long the can hide their face from side waves or fringes but in mid length hairstyle it is not support to cover the total face. The waves of the hairstyle give glorious and excellent look for your face.

47. Low Bumped Hairstyles:

Low Bumped Hairstyles

One of the awesome hairstyle is low bumped hairstyle. The low bumped hairstyle never goes out of fashion. For this hairstyle first you should straighten the hair with waves. To get bumped look either you secretly secure with a small bump or Bouffant the back hair and tied with pins.

48. Retro Touch Hairstyles:

Retro Touch Hairstyles

The retro touch hairstyle is well designed and decorated. This gives fascinating look if you have with bumpy pits. This hairstyle has never goes out of fashion. it is the best hairstyle for any kind of parties like evening occasions.

49. South Indian Style Braid Hairstyles:

South Indian Style Braid Hairstyles

If you want to get south Indian braid hairstyle for this supporting dress style is south style sari. Most of the south Indian women like braids hairstyle. This hairstyle has more decoration all over than other hairstyles. So many women like combination collection. You can add some artificial or fresh flowers and other decorative clips and pins.

50. Traditional Indian Bridal Hairstyles:

Traditional Indian Bridal Hairstyles

This hairstyle is suitable for everyone. The classic Indian bridal hairstyle never goes out fashion. For simple bun hairstyle you should grab your hair at the back and put them into braid. You can decorate the braid with some fresh mogra flower around the bun. You can wear this hairstyle all traditional functions like marriages.

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